Copy of 2012: ECHO


ECHO Klassik in the category “Instrumentalist of the Year Piano” for the sonata legacy


Question: “Your famous complete recording of the Beethoven sonatas dates back to the early 1980s. Now, 30 years later, with the recording from the Semperoper you will once again be making a complete recording of this oeuvre. How has you view of Beethoven changed?”

RB: “30 years ago, from today's point of view, I was far too puritanical and perhaps too narrow-minded and intolerant of colleagues who allowed themselves some freedoms. We young ones did not accept it when someone played Mozart or Beethoven freely. Today I think: There is plenty you can do, but you have to know your limits, for example, how far a rubato can go. Beethoven himself often writes a ‘rinforzando’, that's an emotional outburst ...”  

From an interview with the dramaturge Tobias Niederschlag (2010)


David Skudlik