Copy of 2014 Buchveröffentlichung „Mein Beethoven. Leben mit dem Meister.“


Book publication
“Mein Beethoven Leben mit dem Meister.”

Buch Cover Beethoven 2014.jpg
“The exploration of Beethoven’s piano works still continues to astonish me. I always notice something new and surprising when I prepare my performances or study the scores. Even pieces that I have performed hundreds of times never lose their freshness to me. That’s why I started to make notes of my Beethoven discoveries. Parallel to the study of notes, the consideration of Beethoven as a person, of his letters and annotations, of what his contemporaries knew about him, is an inexhaustible, enriching source. When I now publish these notes as my ‘life report’, this is due to the suggestion of friends who said that people who listen to my Beethoven performances might also be interested in the noteworthy, interesting and even exciting facts my decades of inquisitive collecting activities have unearthed.”
— R. B.
David Skudlik