Copy of 2015-2016 50. Beethoven Zyklus


50th “Golden” Beethoven sonata cycle in the Great Hall of the Vienna Musikverein

“There is no such thing as routine! I get more and more nervous from concert to concert. I certainly never feel completely calm when I walk onto the stage. The older I get, the more nervous I become. As a teenager, you walk onto the stage much more carefree and then, over time, you raise the bar higher and higher. However, the extensive exploration of these works has also caused me to become much freer. I have learned: Knowledge makes you free! That’s the most important thing. I cannot be free without knowledge. And the more I know about something, the freer I am. That’s why every time I go on stage, I experience each work with freshness and originality and discover new things in it as well - not so much during practice, but during the concert. That is a great joy, and it proves that music is immortal.”
— R.B.



David Skudlik